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Frogs are almost everywhere on this planet
From the tropics to subarctic regions…

There are about 7,000 species – with the greatest diversity in the tropical rainforests. Recreating parts of these tropical rainforests is an art! The Exo Terra Frogs & Co range makes it easy to create such a harmonised natural microhabitat. Our terrariums are the perfect canvas for your piece of tropical rainforest art. All Frogs & Co components are key to successfully establish a bioactive planted terrarium in which your frogs thrive! Discover more?
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Key components to successfully establish a bioactive planted terrarium with a thriving frog population. Discover now

Work together

Exo Terra’s Frogs & Co range of products are designed to work together, helping you to create and establish a harmonised natural microhabitat.


Arrange your natural plants, mosses, as well as vines, branches, stones and Exo Terra decor, in an aesthetic, natural manner. 


The trend towards bioactive planted terrariums has increased frog popularity, as they are the perfect animals for a fully planted terrarium.



Red-Eyed Tree Frog

Agalychnis callidryas

Dendrobates auratus

Green-and-black Poison Dart Frog

Dendrobates auratus

Ceratrophys ornata

Ornate Horned Frog

Ceratophrys ornata

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Exo Terra Lighting


Planted Terrarium Light12W

The TerraSky Planted Terrarium Light is ideal for planted setups,
paludariums and bioactive terrariums.

11 presets

Remote control with 11 preset weather effects


Stimulates live plant and moss growth


Wide coverage (120-degree light dispersion)



TerraSky’s strong Photosynthetic Active Radiation


Terrasky’s fully adjustable light spectrum


For bioactive & planted terrariums


The different frog species occur in a wide variety of habitats and therefore exhibit completely different behaviors, both in locomotion and in breeding behavior. Species occurring in open areas take huge leaps to escape their enemies, while others move slowly, cautiously among the dense foliage of the jungle to hide from the predator’s attention.

There are even species that “jump and glide” from one treetop to the next, using their huge, webbed feet as miniature parachutes. Gliding flights of up to 15 meters or 50 feet are no exceptions when these frogs move through the forests canopy.

Creating more realistic, naturalistic and bioactive terrarium landscapes has made reptile and amphibian keeping more exciting and satisfying than ever. Simulating the natural habitats of our terrarium inhabitants enables us to educate ourselves about their natural behaviors as well as allowing us to enjoy an amazing piece of wilderness in our own homes.

As an indication for the various microhabitat types for frogs, we distinguish different Terrarium landscapes.

Rainforest Tropical


Dart & Tree Frog Terrariums


The Exo Terra Frog Terrariums are the ideal amphibian habitats designed by European herpetologists, perfect for bioactive planted setups. The single front opening door allows maximum viewing pleasure and provides easy access for maintenance and feeding.

The Exo Terra Dart Frog Terrarium  can be set up as a bioactive habitat for dart frogs, smaller tree & reed frogs, newts and salamanders, small geckoes & lizards, garter & grass snakes, etc. 

The Exo Terra Tree Frog Terrarium can be set up as a bioactive habitat for tree frogs, reed frogs, dart frogs, small geckoes & lizards, garter & grass snakes, etc.


SUB STRATUM 2kg / 4.4 lb,4kg / 8.8 lb

The Exo Terra Sub Stratum is collected from the mineral-rich foothills of the Aso Volcano in Japan. The natural volcanic soil, formed from andesitic and rhyolitic tephra, is very nutrient rich, ideal for lush plant growth in bioactive planted terrariums. 

The porous surface allows for excellent drainage and aeration, supporting strong root growth. The Sub Stratum’s friable, low density structure promotes a flourishing population of beneficial, nitrifying bacteria, creating a self-sustaining, living terrarium ecosystem. The active beneficial bacteria of the soil will decompose biological waste, keeping the terrarium clean and healthy.

Sub Stratum